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(Mostly) quiet, please!

POLARaudio supplies ZonarSound Speakers to Isolate Media Wall Audio at Nottingham Trent University Library.

The roots of Nottingham Trent University stretch back to 1843 with the establishment of the Nottingham Government School of Design, which still exists within the current structure. Founded from Nottingham Polytechnic as a new university 1992, NTU has gone from strength to strength to become one of the UK's largest universities. Boasting a strong and internationally recognised research status, NTU also offers one of the best employability records in the country, with 94% of students progressing to full-time employment or further education within six months of graduation. One of the university's three libraries is the new Brackenhurst Campus Library, which supports study in animal, rural and environmental sciences and which was completed in August 2013 at a cost of £2.75m. This cutting-edge eco-friendly building was purpose-built to offer an exciting environment for learning and is richly resourced to achieve its goal. Part of the Brackenhurst facility is a soft-seated social area with an impressive media wall and it was into this area that POLARaudio and installers Roche Audio Visual, was invited to assist.

As one might expect, the media wall offers a variety of audio-visual content but its situation within the library precipitated a potential problem in the form of unwanted sound disturbing the surrounding areas. Traditional quiet study areas in libraries are sacrosanct but in any modern learning environment a media wall is considered a vital resource and so it was imperative to find a way to restrict its impact. Roche AV were tasked to find a solution that would provide good quality audio in the area adjacent to the media wall, whilst containing this 'hot spot' within tight limitations and preventing audio spillage.

POLARaudio supplied a ZonarSound MP master active loudspeaker with PSU plus an SP Slave active loudspeaker to be sited above the area in front of the media wall. These ceiling speakers can fit into a standard 600x600mm suspended ceiling although in this instance they were mounted independently. Highly directional, the speakers have been created to position sound exactly where it needs to be heard and avoid undesirable overspill into adjoining areas. The placing of the speakers in close proximity enables the creation of extremely accurate sound zones making them ideal for open plan offices, hotel receptions, retail hotspots and a host of other applications. The use of ZonarSound speakers in a university library, as in the case of Nottingham Trent, is perhaps the ultimate endorsement of their qualities.

POLARaudio Business Development Manager Stuart Leader was very pleased with the solution:

"The installation of ZonarSound speakers at Nottingham Trent's library is a neat example of applying the best possible technology to confront a difficult conundrum. Obviously in the Brackenhurst library there was no room for any sort of compromise. The very existence of a media wall and its constant audio is completely at odds with the traditional idea of a quiet study area but the ZonarSound speakers defined the required zone with great accuracy, to the satisfaction of all concerned."

Stuart Loughran, Audio Visual Team Leader at Nottingham Trent University added:

"We had a requirement for some zoned speakers in the video wall that would allow students sitting directly in front of the screen to listen to the audio without disturbing anyone else in the building. After some research and a timely phone conversation with POLARaudio, we were introduced to ZonarSound. Roche AV installed the speakers and the result is a tight audio area in front of the screen that works really well and is inaudible outside the seated area. As a direct result of this installation we are currently identifying other sites in the university where the same zoning technology can work more effectively than traditional PA."

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